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Sorry PM! Satyajit Ray made Varanasi famous ages ago to French with his works

Here after people in France will come to know of Varanasi which may have been in oblivion but after President Marcon’s visit Varanasi will be a known name to all in France. These were the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi adressing a public gathering at Varanasi. I have my reservations and I am sure those who have a good understanding of art, culture, cinema and fashions will agree with my view. 
The city of Varanasi is already quite famous among French people and the credit goes to none other than Great Master Satyajit Ray who had a great admiration among French people. It is due to this appreciation and admiration Ray had received the Commander of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, the highest decoration in France in 1987 from French President Francois Mitterrand had come to Calcutta specially to honour Satyajit Ray. We all have watched the Great Master receiving the award at Raj Bhawan and many of us have the video and audio of his speech (archival value).   
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Coming back to context, Satyajit Ray was himself a great admirer of the picaresque locales and mesmerising beauty of city of temples Varanasi. He had shot a couple of his films in the city and explored the beauty through the lenses. Infact, he had expressed his love for this city many of his interviews.
So, no prizes for guessing that average people in France know Bengal and Kolkata if not much about India and back home people in Bengal have great admiration for French art, culture and not to forget architecture. Infact, French had first came to Pondicherry (Puducherry) and had set up colony. People in France since had been admiring the works of Satyajit Ray. Infact, he had made a special cinema ‘Piku’s Day’ for the French Television.
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People back in Bengal, also share similar love and admiration for France predominantly because of the rich art, culture, music, dance, cinema and not to forget fashions.

Sharing some photographs of Baba

I lost my Baba on January 21, 2018, missing him every second, moment…Sharing some photographs down memory lane…


Sharing some old black and white photographs of Baba. He was very handsome in his hay days. Some would compare him with international cricketers especially English and Australian, some with actors. My friends would even compare him with international political figures. People would often ask if he was Kashmiri, even Kashmiri themselves, I recall this so many times during my childhood when I would accompany Baba to market…I have never seen him bringing office tensions home, he would always come back smiling, always full of love and care. He was a very simple man, down to earth and would love to remain simple. Very methodical and disciplined…Miss you Baba…


IMG_20180125_0001 - CopyIMG_20180125_0001


Sharing two more black and white photograph of Baba with #Russians (office), he was fluent in Russian and German languages. So many moments coming down memory lane, trying to share a few, will miss you Baba…


Sharing some more old #photographs of Baba. I have always seen him trying to dress up with the occasion, nothing big but keeping the decorum and respect of the occasion #thought 1/2 https://t.co/SFhngPrUr7


Sharing few more old #photographs of Baba, I am often asked why I love formals. I may not have inherited any of his qualities, but have inherited dressing from Baba, he always stressed on proper dressing, may be simple but decent. He too was fond of ties #thoughtshttps://t.co/n8GQNpVnYZ



Some pics of Baba’s kaaj (rituals) at Purbasha Kalibari, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi. My cousin (am very close to them) brothers had come all the way from Kolkata…Apart from that two of my friends, father of my friend and an acquaintance had come to Kalibari…








The first festival without Baba is very difficult…Yesterday was Doljatra and today is Holi, the festival of colours. Away from the celebrations of #Holi2018, I was trying to recall the ‘nostalgic’ #memories. Thought of sharing these #pics though old (date line enough to explain) still ‘nostalgic’ #moments. We resided at IP Extension then. Missing you Baba, love you…


While going through old CDs I found few more #photographs of Baba. He was always my subject for clicking #pics, I would try to capture him and Maa in various moods. Sharing. Love you Baba, missing you…




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Pity! Lord Rama, Lord Bajrangbali pitted against each other to gain political mileage


Never in the history of Kolkata and Bengal, people had witnessed such “pomp and show” to celebrate Ramnavmi. There had been people celebrating the festival but not on such a big platform. Saffron brigade has been eyeing Bengal, for quite some time now, and tried every possible poll tactics to woo voters during the last Assembly polls. Trinamool Congress had given BJP a tough fight. Once again the BJP is gearing up for the forthcoming Panchayat polls slated to take place later this month. The Saffron Brigade seems to have gained extra ‘confidence’ and ‘calories’ after they won in Uttar Pradesh. The enthusiastic BJP on Wednesday today, tried to en-cash the festival of Ramnavmi. The Saffron Brigade had invited large number of Trinamool MPs and MLAs.


Trying to spread and woo masses, the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sagh (RSS) alongwith its ally BJP had taken out large processions across the state which were attended by women and children with naked swords and other weapons. On Tuesday, Bengal Pradesh BJP President Dilip Ghosh had said, its an exhibition ‘shakti’ and there is nothing wrong in exhibiting swords and weapons. Well, Saffron Brigade is mistaking Bengal with other states where they have taken help of Hindutva. Someone must tell them that Bengal is the last state to heed to ‘communal card’.

west-bengal-bjp-08-1457423761 (1)

This may turn a boomerang for the Saffron Brigade which had may had some chances, if at all it had. Trinamool Congress too is not much behind, it has announced that they will offer special prayers at all the Bajrangbali Temples across the state.


Pity! Lord Rama and Lord Bajrangbali are pitted against each other for political gains, in real, Lord Bajrangbali had been such a big devotee of Lord Rama and I am sure would never had approved the filthy way of en-cashing religion…


25-year old school teacher hangs herself over molestation, filthy comments


West Bengal chief minister during infamous Park Street gang-rape case had said “choto ghotona’ (small incident), ‘sajano ghotona’ (concocted incident) and set the ball rolling for anti-socials to rule the state. After that numerous rapes, gang-rapes, brutal murder not to forget endless molestation had taken place. Police too remained silent in most of cases since they got the message when Damayanti Sen was transferred for proving that rape did took place on that fateful night enough to make Mamata Banerjee unhappy, rest is history.


On Sunday, yet another young girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling in her house in Siliguri’s Shaktigarh over molestation and filthy comments. 25-year-old school teacher staying with her mother took extreme step.

The girl had written a detailed death declaration or suicide note in which she has named the boys who used to molest her on her way to school and back home, even they had tried to gang-rape her. The girl has asked her mother to go and stay with her brother since after Sunday, there will be no one who shall take care of her in Siliguri.


Not just that, she had complimented all her colleagues and even asked her students to follow their teachers whom she has referred as educated and good human beings. Apart from that the letter has may small references which explains she had tried her utmost to cope with her depression but could not. Pity! such nerve strong girls take such drastic steps clearly showing the inefficiency of administration which does nothing other than big talks. Only Bobbitt’s Law is the answer to tame these rouges, if carnal desire is so high that for their lust such bright and innocent lives are lost then they should face similar fate…


Mamata Banerjee rather than penning poetry on women issues should do something to pull up the deteriorating law and order in the state…Rather than going around cutting ribbons on Durga Puja, take an initiative to women in the state…Shame! (I just keyed-in thoughts, had gone to sleep but after seeing this news could not control my emotions…)


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IX Std Orphan Girl Brutally Raped, Left To Die Near Tollygunge In Kolkata


Bengal Chief Minister finds immense pride in claiming her State is safe and women are secured, atleast that is what she had said recently in an interview to a Bengali private satellite channel. Has she forgotten the numerous cases that had immediately taken place after Park Street gangrape case. Not to forget the poor teenager who met similar fate at Kamduni like Delhi brave heat. In this same interview, she said she has the fastest judiciary and she ensures that verdict is pronounced. I recall how she had sent then Investigating Officer Damayanti Sen on an oblivion posting who had dared to prove Banerjee wrong in Park Street gengrape case by saying that gangrape did take place. Rest is history and perhaps we all know the story.

Well, the recent one has taken place in the heart of the city near Tollygunge. The class 11 girl did not return to her Jadavpur house last evening, today a newspaper vendor found her in pool of blood with torn clothes around 7 AM.


Till now the news has spread like wild fire and once again, again, again and again to infinity has ashamed Kolkata. According to reports an orphan girl aged between 15 to 16 years was found in a pool of blood on the road near BD Memorial School in Tollygunge, South Kolkata. Needless to mention she was brutally raped or gangraped (yet to be confirmed).

Mamata Banerjee’s police and Trinamool activists in the area are allegedly obstructing and not allowing people from media and press to meet victim’s family. Even it is not know if anf FIR has been lodged. The victim was admitted in MR Bangur Hospital in a critical condition and will undergo an operation shortly.


So, Madam Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, I hope this is not an ‘sajano ghotona’ (concocted incident), ‘choto ghotona’ (small or petty incident), “chokranto” (attempt to defame her government) and finally “bohiragoto der kaaj” (work of outsiders), the four typical jargon or catch phrase used by her on an average, seeing this her party members too follow…


CONDEMN! with capital ‘C’, is this the Kolkata we had known…Without any preferences for political shades or colour, I have no hesitation in saying previous Congress and Left Regime was better than Trinamool regime…Finally, Madam Banerjee, will you sit now on a dharna near the venue…


Recipients Of National Film Awards Feel Deprived

31815453_10160438540605475_5717295318647701504_n runs into controversy after @smritiirani gives proxy to @rashtrapatibhvn in conferring the awards to recipients. First time #President could not attend full event and gave awards to only 10 recipients, #ministers gave awards. Recipients unhappy #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema#Delhi #news https://t.co/Alehe3hvoG

Massive resentment amng recipients of #65thNationalFilmAwards as first time in history, awards conferred by @smritiirani, @Ra_THORe instead of @rashtrapatibhvn who conferred on a few recipients. Many refused, shall wait till #President finds time #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema #newshttps://t.co/hqdPKIivpK


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Protest Against Rapes, Gangrapes, Molestation, Stalking

Suddenly, the social media has become active after the shameful incidents of Unnao gangrape and Katrhua gangrape. Is it a ‘FAD’ to raise voice or stage protest against rapes, gangrapes as we see these days on social media. Pardon my ‘sarcasm’ but I cannot keep my temper cool when I see people taking to social media to raise their voice against crimes ‘occasionally’ like now days.
I shall explain, why I said I am being sarcastic, the reason is I saw this aggregation and anger grueling among people on social media during Delhi Brave Heart (Jyoti Singh Pandey) gang rape case. I fail to understand why people go into hibernation and stop raising their voices continuously. Has rapes, molestation, stalkings stopped after Jyoti Pandey. Has the administration done something big to stop these menace that had inspired these protesters who had taken social media by storm. Why then the protests took a back stage and wait for another Unnao or Kathua to take place.
I recall our MPs sobbing the day debate on new rape law was being tabled in the Parliament. Entire country saw Jaya Bachchna to Smriti Irani even many male MPs in tears. West Bengal chief minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee had even penned a poem ‘nei’ in memory of poor Jyoti Singh Pandey. I fail to understand why then these people became silent when rapes, murder were taking place at rampant even in Mamata Banerjee’s own state. The most infamous remains the brutal gangrape of teenage girl in Kamduni which was on the lines of Jyoti Pandey.
I am sarcastic because I fail to understand why then these people became silent when rapes, murder were taking place at rampant even in Mamata Banerjee’s own state. The most infamous remain the brutal gangrape of teenage girl in Kamduni which was on the lines of Jyoti Pandey.
My sarcasm is also against my own fraternity – journalists which calls itself the ‘Fourth Estate’ with pride. Delhi Brave Heart or Jyoti Pandey incident was used by many media houses to to gain TRP and circulation. The victim was called by many names as a reputed media house called her ‘Nirbhaya’, while another called her ‘Damini’, another called her ‘Amanat’. We all witnessed how Delhi-ites had come on the streets of Capital and blocked traffic for days until then Home Minister Shinde’s atrocious order to lathi charge the mob to disperse which was condemned by all quarters but that’s a different story and I am not going into details.
images (1).jpg
After all nothing has stopped, on the contrary the crime graph against women saw a rise. Barely a week after Jyoti Singh Pandey’s incident an infant was brutally gangraped on the lines Jyoti in a Gurgaon school but nothing happened.
Rest is history, almost everyday cases of molestation, eve-teasing, rapes, gangrapes and stalking have surfaced but neither administration not the media have reacted the way it did in  Jyoti’s case. I was surprised that this crowd too remained silent taking total back stage which came on roads so heavily giving an impression that they will not tolerate such menace in future.
I recall two teenage sisters in Uttar Pradesh had committed suicide after being regularly stalked. Again nobody raised voice. There are hundreds of instances when protest like this was required but nothing happened. Isn’t shame that girls taking their lives scared of stalking. Shame on administration.
Coming back to the topic, this is why I said I feel these protests or raising voice against Unnao gangrape or Kathua gangrape are inconsistant. The need of the hour is continuous protest on social media. Daily posts that will gradually create a ‘revolution’ like situation.
Enough of pep-talks, enough of condemnation, the time has come to take stand. If males have failed to protect the dignity of women the it’s high time women should step in and take the plunge to protect themselves and if required take law in own hands. The need of the hour is to have stringent punishment that will infuse a ‘fear factor’ which is missing. I have been always saying that only option is Bobbitt’s Law. If carnal desire is so strong that these rapists do not hesitate to destroy innocent lives, kill them then they should also face similar fate. Their organ should be chopped off and that too in public.


This is what I was trying to say while writing this blog. Just as I decided to sign off the blog, I came across this news. The body of an unidentified minor girl was found from Bhestan locality in Gujarat’s Surat earlier this month with “86 injury marks” and officials suspect that she had been held captive, tortured and raped over a period of time, a police officer said on Sunday. The body of the girl, believed be in the age group of 9 to 11 years, was spotted lying in bushes in a cricket ground in the locality on April 6 by some passersby, who informed police.