Trinamool uses Madan Mitra’s masks to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati

Supporters of Madan Mitra held campaigning by wearing masks of Mitra to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati. The entire incident had reduced the dignity of elections into a joke. Masks used…

Source: Trinamool uses Madan Mitra’s masks to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati

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Trinamool uses Madan Mitra’s masks to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati

Supporters of Madan Mitra held campaigning by wearing masks of Mitra to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati. The entire incident had reduced the dignity of elections into a joke. Masks used as ‘proxy’ face for the tainted and accused candidate. Poriborton’ indeed…   


Elections are a farce in this country, many would pull up their socks to counter by quoting theoretical examples from constitution but there are endless examples that show it has been reduced to nothing but a play of influence and power, quite alarming this blend has not only put ‘democracy’ at stake but also has raised a big question mark on the ‘basic’ need of holding elections. From Bihar to Uttar Pradesh and now in Bengal, we face similar situation where ‘accused’ and ‘tainted’ leader is contesting elections. No prize for guessing, I am talking of Saradha chitgate accused and Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra. The days has changed for this heavyweight candidate, initially Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal state chief minister Mamata Banerjee had refused to remove Mitra from his ministership and said he would remain minister even if Mitra had to stay in jail since she did not believe he has taken money from Saradha. Few months later, Mamata Banerjee had to change her version and Mitra was removed from ministership. Opposition opined that election strategy being formulated. However, Madan Mitra and likes hold an important place in ant political party and they cannot be neglected by parties. These people have an immense contribution in ensuring  that their parties win the elections. Trinamool Congress is no different, this became a reality when people saw party giving  a ticket to Madan Mitra from Kamarhati in West Bengal. Mitra who is currently lodged in Alipore Central Jail will contest elections from jail, in other words use his influence to win the elections through remote control. Thanks to the constitution, this empowers such people to contest elections.


On Sunday, Kamarhati saw a height of mockery during campaigning. In support of their favourite dada, the party workers had organized rallies and walks to seek ‘proxy’ vote for Saradha chitgate accused Madan Mitra. The party workers had donned masks of Madan Mitra which was childish, foolish and reduced the dignity of elections to a joke. These buffoons forget that people are no more fools and they watch a lot more behind the curtains which politicians can never imagine. This act not only mocks the election process but also the dignity of the Trinamool Congress for allowing such type of campaign.
However, one big question is will part supremo Mamata Banerjee campaign for Madan Mira in Kamarhati, after all Banerjee doesn’t believe that Mitra is tainted.
On a broader platter, the party must get more such masks since they may need ahead of the Lok Sabha polls if Narada TV expose is proved…

Bengal Polls 2016: EC transfers IAS, IPS officers. Show cause to TMC, CPM leaders

Election Commission transfers one IAS, four IPS officers ahead of West Bengal elections. The transfer comes in the wake of the negative reports of ‘laxity’ and ‘lack of neutrality’ on part of these police and administrative officials. 

Election Commission is taking no chances inorder to conduct free and fair elections in West Bengal. Election Commission took several steps from suspending administrative officers to senior police officials in the state.
The commission has transferred as many as four Superintendent of Police and one District Magistrate on Thursday. Burdwan district’s Superintendent of Police Kunal Agarwal was replaced by Gaurav Sharma. Malda SP Prasun Banerjee was replaced by Syed Waquar Reza, Dakshin Dinajpur SP Arnab Ghosh was replaced by Rashid Munir Khan. Nadia SP Bhaskar Mukherjee was replaced by Seesh Ram Jhajharia.
The list includes District Magistrate of Hooghly Sanjay Bansal was also transferred, only to be replaced by the Additional District Magistrate. The SDPO of Kandi and Bangaon were also transferred apart from the SDO of Malda Sadar. This apart, as many as 24 officers in charge over police stations of West Bengal have also been transferred.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2016 Vidhan Sabha Vote TMC CPIM Congress BJP Party candidate name list 2016 Bengal Poll.jpg

For the first time in West Bengal, Chief Election Officers (CEO) from fives states – Punjab, Delhi, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh will be arriving on March 18, 2016 to look into the preparation procedures for the West Bengal Assembly election. The team will look into the security issues in various areas and the report regarding the same will be submitted to the Election Commission (EC) till March 23, 2016.  However, the development has raised a question mark on the integrity of West Bengal state election commission.
Election Commission has also issued show cause notice to Trinamool Congress candidates – Anubrata Mandal, Rezzak Mollah and CPM MP Mohhamad Salim. They have been asked to reply within 24-hours.
The Election Commissions full Bench has also given an ultimatum to the KMC Commissioner Khalil Ahmed to remove the banners within 48 hours. Following the instruction from the EC, KMC officials formed 50 teams to remove the banners. Inspite of the model code of conduct came into force on 4 March following the announcement of polls, various government buildings were still displaying hoardings and banners showing the achievements of the Trinamool Congress dispensation. Incidentally, the flying squad of the election commission had painted the photograph of Mamata Banerjee white in north Bengal.


Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi has reiterated that required action will be taken to ascertain if the Narada TV sting operation is true or not. Zaidi said action will be initiated against the guilty if charges are proved.
This transfer order comes in the wake of the commission coming across ‘laxity’ and ‘lack of neutrality’ on part of some police and administrative officials and receiving complaints from several political parties.

Narada TV’s expose puts Trinamool in catch-22 situation

Trinamool Congress which is trying to come to terms with its name dragged in  Saradha, Rose Valley and numerous ponzi scams maligning the image of so-called clean “Maa, Mati, Manush’ government will have a tough time to gulp down the bitter pill of  Narada TV’s expose. Electorates are very unpredictable and none of the political parties can ever predict the mood swing… 



Trinamool MP Mukul Roy in a huff to prove the allegations wrong even forgot the ‘facts’ and claimed that the infamous Bangaru Laxman expose was also doctored and “manufactured’, Roy even said that Laxman was innocent and opposition falsely implicated him. Mukul Roy completely forgot that CBI found the allegations true and Laxman was sent to jail. Later, Bangaru Laxman died. Taking cue of the Laxman episode, opposition parties have demanded justice in Trinamool expose. The same Mamata Banerjee who was Railway Minister in NDA had built pressure on then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to sack George Fernadez over an expose. Banerjee subsequently resigned from the NDA.
On Tuesday, Election Commission in Kolkata assured that the tapes would be investigated by concerned authorities. However, the opposition BJP, Congress and CPM who have come together on one platform on the issue reiterated their demand seeking the resignation of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. In the meantime, Mathew Samuel, the journalist who has done the entire sting operation and also the owner of Narada TV has said that the footages are real and he stands by his words. Mathew Samuel also challenged anybody to prove that the tapes are doctored and said he was ready for any test of the tapes.
The Trinamool Congress is certainly in a catch-22 situation over the alleged sting video of the Narada TV which has exposed the big names in the Trinamool Congress. The video which was released on Monday morning at the BJP Headquarters in Delhi shocked all as the sting operation showed leaders like Trinamool MPs Sultan Ahmed, Saugata Roy, Mukul Roy and Prasun Banerjee. State ministers like Firhad ‘Bobby’ Hakim, Subrata Mitra and Saradha chitfund accused Madan Mitra. Apart from MPs and MLAs, the sting also showed two Trinamool Yuva leaders which include Karan Sharma, the second in Trinamool Yuva after Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee. Sovan “Kanon” Chatterjee, Mayor KMC and a close confidante of Mamata Banerjee is also seen taking money in the sting.
The political activities gained momentum at once across West Bengal with ruling Trinamool jumping into the crisis management while the opposition Congress, BJP and CPM leaving no stone unturned to encash the opportunity. The impact of the sting was so intense that party MP and second-in-command in the Trinamool Congress and also known to be Mamata confidant Mukul Roy cancelled his north Bengal trip as he was supposed to accompany Mamata Banerjee on her north Bengal tour. Mukul Roy rushed to Trinamool Bhawan from the airport to address a meeting followed by press conference. Senior party leader Derek O’Brien immediately (in his typical rhetoric) went on saying “Kutsha” (maligning name) of Trinamool and said opposition was indulging into all this since they know it was not a cakewalk to defeat the Trinamool Congress on the face value. Counter attacks also came from all Trinamool leaders seen in the video excepting Madan Mitra who is in Alipore Central Jail accused of money laundering in Saradha chitfund scam. Mamata Banerjee who was in north Bengal too attacked the opposition and claimed that the video was doctored and people will not pay heed to such initiatives to malign the image of Trinamool Congress.
From Bangaru Laxman to Jaya Jaitley to George Fernandez nobody in the past accepted that tapes were genuine. Mukul Roy has threatened to move court and file the defamation case against Narada TV. Opposition in the state has welcomed by saying that would be indeed a good move as it would only ascertain whether the sting operation done by Narad TV is true or doctored. The big question is  will Trinamool be able to eschew the bitter pill if charges are proved. Will Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee initiate disciplinary action against the accused seen in the video or shrug-off by calling the expose another “choto ghotona” (petty issue), “sajano ghotona” (concocted incident) and finally the work of “bohiragoto” (outsider)…

Is “Atithi Devo Bhava”, mere Incredible India slogan?

Today it was total chaos at the metro station in the evening since large number of delegates who has come for World Culture Festival thronged the metro station to commute. Most of them from outside mainly south India while a few foreigner. I was ashamed and angered to watch the way CISF personnel were treating them as they were not aware of various rules at the metro which is natural since many may have come from places where there is no metro connection but that does not mean that they are in anyway inferior. For quite some time I watched but lost my cool and shouted at the full voice, often such acts work as I feel resistance is essential. Being a Delhi-ite I was really ashamed and embarrassed to see these CISF personnel talking so rude with these guests. I was heard and soon an officer came upto me asking what was the matter. I told him and also made him understand that they are guests and this will carry a wrong image, he realized and apologized on behalf of the staff. I fail to understand why being rude or indecent is the rule of this city where ‘survival of the fittest only works…I am happy and proud that I still have this protest in me, atleast I have not become immune like average…      DelhiMetroBlueLineBombardier


The scene at the metro station in the morning was total chaos with groups of performers and volunteers who were on their way to attend the World Culture Festival being organised by Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living foundation. Waiting for the metro I decided to strike a conversation with a few of them. Needless to mention all were very cordial and full of warmth. Interaction became easy. I asked them why were they travelling by Metro with instruments besides are they not putting up at a central place near the venue (I was under the impression that these people are putting up near the venue), I was surprised to hear that some of them are putting up at far off places in south Delhi and likes. It’s all how the arrangements are made by the volunteers. My next question was (though a bit embarrassing) but I went asked their reaction over the NGT issue and Sri Sri backing out from paying the penalty. One of the girl in the group told me that their ‘Guruji’ has told them it’s all in the game when someone does good for society, they ought to face resistance and this was just an example that their ‘Guruji’ is doing service to the mankind. I was hesitant to ask my next question but tempted to ask too and finally I did ask. What service would be meted out to society by this ‘extravagant’ cultural show. The reply was much expected, they said it would open the sky of ‘art’ and ‘culture’ to the bigger horizon across the world. Well, I have to confess inspite my asking ‘negetive’ questions (which I am sure not very pleasant for followers), all of them were so full of warmth and enthusiasm…smilingly they replied…I asked myself is this the crux of ‘Art of Living’…Really impressed, beautiful people…culture-festival_650x400_61452850332


Sharing an interesting incident


Greetings! On Women’s Day

Wishing a very happy Women’s Day to all women. However, I feel it’s nothing but a ‘mockery’ to observe this day unless we can ensure safety & security of women. I know I may sound negative but honestly, ‘sarcasm’ is what comes to my mind when I come across news of rapes, gang rapes, molestation and stalking.

Rather than celebrating Women’s Day ceremoniously, we must take vow to stand against these crimes on women and do whatever we can to save and protect the dignity of women…I guess this will be a true dedication on Women’s Day…