Omor Ekushey! Srodhargho!

On Omor Ekushey also known as Bhasha Dibosh my pronaam to Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat & Abdul Jabbar who gave their lives on the roads of Dhaka in then East Pakistan to protect …

Source: Omor Ekushey! Srodhargho!


Omor Ekushey! Srodhargho!

951afd7c329ac99b3e2e8f32a1cbf459.jpgOn Omor Ekushey also known as Bhasha Dibosh my pronaam to Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat & Abdul Jabbar who gave their lives on the roads of Dhaka in then East Pakistan to protect the dignity of Bengali language.


In 1952, then East Pakistan  Government had announced Urdu language as national language across the country. The region had over 54 per cent of citizens Bengali speaking. Students and youths raised their voices. On the fateful day, a protest march was taken defying Section 144. Police had opened fire. Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat & Abdul Jabbar lost their lives.


Pronaam to Abdus Salam, Rafiq Uddin Ahmed, Abul Barkat & Abdul Jabbar.


Mukesh Ambani launches Rs 303 monthly Reliance Jio plan


Last week, in Nasscom Leadership summit, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced his telecom venture Jio has crossed a customer base of 100 million customer base mark in 170 days. On Tuesday today, Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani has announced a number of plans like the Jio Prime Membership for a full year for a nominal one-time fee of only Rs 99. Ambani had said that Jio users consumed more than 100 crore GB of data per month on the Jio network, that’s more than 3.3 crore GB per day. 

Jio had crossed 50 million subscribers in just 83 days, adding at an average rate of 6 lakh subscribers per day and surpassing the subscriber addition rates of global giants like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. “This milestone belongs to every member of the Jio community. We have created sustainable employment and this is an achievement for the entire country” said Ambani who has expressed happiness over customers showing immense trust.


Jio which launched its services in September last year has already given sleepless nights to its competitors like Vodafone, Bharati Airtel, Idea Cellulose, Aircel by hurting the margins of other players in the industry. Jio had amassed over 7 crore subscribers by December 31, 2016. People almost jumped out of their seats top grab the “Happy New Year offer” that promised its customers of free 1 GB data to continue till March 31. The Tuesday’s announcement had come a month before the offer ends and Jio will introduce their tariff plans from April 1, 2017.  

Jio had also brought-in an unique modem which can be used separately. Those interested may purchase this modem from on-line or Reliance World outlets.


Let’s take a glance at the Jio plans:

  • Will double Jio’s data capacity in coming months
  • Jio has more than double the number of 4G base stations when compared to all the other Indian operators put together
  • Jio Prime’ offer at one-time fee of Rs. 99
  • Jio Prime members can continue enjoying the unlimited benefits of Jio New Year Offer until March 31, 2018
  • Jio Prime members can get this tremendous value at an introductory price of only Rs. 303 per month
  • Starting April 1, Jio will offer tariff plans

Well, the initiative is commendable as after Jio, all the service providers have slashed their prices but RIL should take notice of people who are complaining of poor connectivity.


25-year old school teacher hangs herself over molestation, filthy comments


West Bengal chief minister during infamous Park Street gang-rape case had said “choto ghotona’ (small incident), ‘sajano ghotona’ (concocted incident) and set the ball rolling for anti-socials to rule the state. After that numerous rapes, gang-rapes, brutal murder not to forget endless molestation had taken place. Police too remained silent in most of cases since they got the message when Damayanti Sen was transferred for proving that rape did took place on that fateful night enough to make Mamata Banerjee unhappy, rest is history.


On Sunday, yet another young girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling in her house in Siliguri’s Shaktigarh over molestation and filthy comments. 25-year-old school teacher staying with her mother took extreme step.

The girl had written a detailed death declaration or suicide note in which she has named the boys who used to molest her on her way to school and back home, even they had tried to gang-rape her. The girl has asked her mother to go and stay with her brother since after Sunday, there will be no one who shall take care of her in Siliguri.


Not just that, she had complimented all her colleagues and even asked her students to follow their teachers whom she has referred as educated and good human beings. Apart from that the letter has may small references which explains she had tried her utmost to cope with her depression but could not. Pity! such nerve strong girls take such drastic steps clearly showing the inefficiency of administration which does nothing other than big talks. Only Bobbitt’s Law is the answer to tame these rouges, if carnal desire is so high that for their lust such bright and innocent lives are lost then they should face similar fate…


Mamata Banerjee rather than penning poetry on women issues should do something to pull up the deteriorating law and order in the state…Rather than going around cutting ribbons on Durga Puja, take an initiative to women in the state…Shame! (I just keyed-in thoughts, had gone to sleep but after seeing this news could not control my emotions…)