Sharing some photographs of Baba

I lost my Baba on January 21, 2018, missing him every second, moment…Sharing some photographs down memory lane…


Sharing some old black and white photographs of Baba. He was very handsome in his hay days. Some would compare him with international cricketers especially English and Australian, some with actors. My friends would even compare him with international political figures. People would often ask if he was Kashmiri, even Kashmiri themselves, I recall this so many times during my childhood when I would accompany Baba to market…I have never seen him bringing office tensions home, he would always come back smiling, always full of love and care. He was a very simple man, down to earth and would love to remain simple. Very methodical and disciplined…Miss you Baba…


IMG_20180125_0001 - CopyIMG_20180125_0001


Sharing two more black and white photograph of Baba with #Russians (office), he was fluent in Russian and German languages. So many moments coming down memory lane, trying to share a few, will miss you Baba…


Sharing some more old #photographs of Baba. I have always seen him trying to dress up with the occasion, nothing big but keeping the decorum and respect of the occasion #thought 1/2 https://t.co/SFhngPrUr7


Sharing few more old #photographs of Baba, I am often asked why I love formals. I may not have inherited any of his qualities, but have inherited dressing from Baba, he always stressed on proper dressing, may be simple but decent. He too was fond of ties #thoughtshttps://t.co/n8GQNpVnYZ



Some pics of Baba’s kaaj (rituals) at Purbasha Kalibari, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi. My cousin (am very close to them) brothers had come all the way from Kolkata…Apart from that two of my friends, father of my friend and an acquaintance had come to Kalibari…








The first festival without Baba is very difficult…Yesterday was Doljatra and today is Holi, the festival of colours. Away from the celebrations of #Holi2018, I was trying to recall the ‘nostalgic’ #memories. Thought of sharing these #pics though old (date line enough to explain) still ‘nostalgic’ #moments. We resided at IP Extension then. Missing you Baba, love you…


While going through old CDs I found few more #photographs of Baba. He was always my subject for clicking #pics, I would try to capture him and Maa in various moods. Sharing. Love you Baba, missing you…





4 thoughts on “Sharing some photographs of Baba

  1. A very few Baba and Son get such a wonderful combination of relationships and yes You are one of them. We hearty condolence for your BaBa and praying rest in Peace and pray to God to give you strength to handle your Maa and work further. ..

    God bless you


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