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Enough! Stringent Punishment Required To Stop Rape


#Rape#Gangrape#Molestation#Stalking! at rampant. What has happened? Has people taken overdose of #Viagra? Nothing will happen unless the system is over hauled and rapists should be given stringent punishment, people wanted death penalty during #Delhi episode. I would go a step ahead and ask for #Bobbitt‘s Law, if the carnal desire is so strong that these men can’t control their urges then the only option is to chop of the organ when erect.

The punishment should be an example for the others who will not dare to even molest #women, till then nothing will happen and these innocent girls and women will fall prey to these beasts. I know am harsh but there is no other way to resolve this problem.

Finally, the so-called pseudo social activists who come on television and plead mercy and sympathy with minor rapists screaming at the top of their voices to establish that once these criminals undergo ‘#rehabilitation’ they will be good samaritans should be dealt very strongly. These things are really getting on nerves…

#CrimeAgainstWomen #SafetyOfWomen #ProtestAgaistRape#SrtingentRapeLawsNeeded #StringetPunishmentRequired#WomenNotSexObject #WomenNotJustSexThing