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Marathon rallies, padyatras marks last day of Campaingning in Bengal

On Wednesday, the Election Commission had imposed Article 324 in Bengal which means the campaingning will have to be cut short. The scheduled deadline for campaingning to end was Friday 5 PM as per rules. Now campaingning in all the nine constituencies across Bengal will end on Thursday 10 PM.
Being the last day for campaingning, Thursday remained a hectic day with all top political leaders and candidates holding rallies, political meetings. Chief Minister and Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee held a rally in Mathurapur in support of party veteran Chowdhry Mohan Jatua. Later she participated in two marathon ‘padyatras’ – One in Diamond Harbour-Behala and the other from Sukanta Setu to Gariahat in support of Mimi Chakraborty, candidate from Jadavpur constituency.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had marathon rallies across various places in the state. However, prime minister who was adressing a rally in Dum Dum constituency, north Kolkata dud not miss a chance to take a pick at Banerjee and said, no harm in dreaming as all have right to dk so. If Manatadidi is thinking that she will become the next PM then she has every right to do so. On the other hand Mamata Banerjee accused the BJP of threatening EC follwing which it imposed Article 324. Apart from that party president Amit Shah among others held rallies in various places.
Well, allegations and counter allegations is what we have seen in this elections. Hardly any leader or candidate had mentioned the work done by him or her which actually has been the deciding factor for seeking votes in the past. Also, this election was not a fight of ethos or political convictions but purely confrontation of ego, power and who could be the best in venting venom or become the best ‘hatespeech’ monger.
Just three days to go for the senenth and final phase of polls to take place on May 19. Wait will start for the May 23 when results will be out and country will come to come to know the name of next PM.
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EC orders to stop campaingning day before

Elections 2019 has been marked with a couple of firsts…

The hate speech by any state chief minister
CM abusing the chair of Prime Minister
CM calling PM by numerous names
CM threatening to slap PM
PM engaging in verbal altercation Asansol Trinamool candidate said was unaware of violence as she woke up late

In what can be termed as the last straw to break the camel’s back is the Election Commission (EC) imposing Article 324 in the state. Well, no prizes for guessing, all these have taken place in Bengal.

Experts, opine that it’s for the first time in the history of elections in India such stand has been taken by the EC. In the past state like Bihar had hit the headlines over malpractices in elections but even then EC never imposed Section 324.

What is Article 324 and why Mamata Banerjee is fuming?

Imposition of Article 324 will ensure the campainging ends a day before the scheduled deadline. This would mean campaigning will end on Thursday at 10 PM in all the nine constituencies across West Bengal. The scheduled deadline was Friday 5 PM.

The Commission has cited the ongoing violence between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Trinamool behind this stringent action. According to EC this has been done to ensure security in the state.

Immediately, after the announcement, state chief minister and Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee held a press conference and fumed over the announcement. She accused the BJP President Amit Shah behind the entire development and refused to accept the mass rigging, violence that took place in all the six phases of elections in the state.

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Polls2019: Vidyasagar’s bust broken over BJP-TMC poll-drama

Kolkata fumes after Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) allegedly vandalised inside Vidyasagar College and broke the statue of Vidyasagar. According to the first hand report, the mob also have taken important files and laptops. The mob also torched inside the college campus.

If locals are to belived then it was during the road show when anti-BJP students wing showed placards with slogan “Amit Shah go back”. Within no time saffron activists resorted to violence. Goons entered the college campus and broke the statue of Vidyasagar. However, nobody stopped the convoy of Amit Shah who reached the end point peacefully.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had taken out a massive road show leading by party president Amit Shah. The road show which began from Shahid Minar in central Kolkata culminated at Swami Vivekananda’s house in Simla Street, near Calcutta University in north Kolkata.
The entire incident has not only ashamed the city but has also raised the big question – ‘Why politicians are stooping so low to bag votes that their supporters who are nothing but goons are vandalising, creating ruckus even inside educatioal institutions and these politicians stay mute spectators…’
We had witnessed similar hate-scenes in Tripura where staues of Karl Marx, Lenin and Rabjndranath Tagore were vandalised after the Left was defeated in the state after 25-years. In Kolkata Trinamool activists had allegedly thrown black ink and vandalised the statue of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee on his birth anniversary a years ago.
Condemn! The shameful incedent. At the sametime one must find out who had instigated these goons and teach them a lesson as such things cannot be accepted…

Reliance acquires Hamleys; Enters globaly toy market

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance buys UK toy-giant

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries enters into the world of global toy market by acquiring world-famous British toy retailer Hamleys. On Thursday, the Reliance Brands subsidiary, made headlines by announcing the take over. It signed an agreement to buy the global toy-giant Hamleys from Hong Kong-listed C Banner International Holdings. However, Reliance did not disclose the amount at which the deal has been closed. In 2015 C Banner had purchased for 100 million pounds from France’s Groupe Ludendo.
The Hamleys was founded in 1760. Since then the brand has been selling like hot cakes and has a deep ‘nostalgic’ connection with generations across the world. Presently, the toy-giant has167 stores across 18 countries. Reliance, which owns the master franchise, operates 88 Hamleys stores across 29 Indian cities.
The takeover is being looked as a major feather in the cap of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, as it forreys into global retail. Reliance runs the world’s biggest single-location crude oil refinery in various parts of Maharashtra.

Begging denands acting skills too

Apparently, it may appear I am a sadist but if I explain sequence wise, you all will understand. This is bang opposite #OxfordBookGallery on #ParkStreet, #Kolkata. This man was carrying the girl (pic1)as if she was no more. Like all I too felt sorry and extended help whatever limited I had. After nearly 20-mins the frame changes. The girl gets up fresh and fine and sit back to count the earning (pic 2, pic 3 and pic 4).Then again girl pretended to be dead and I left as my friend arrived for whom I was waiting…Now, I am not mocking as I know circumstances pushes a person to beg but my question is why pretending as if daughter is dead…Just keep your eyes open when you pass by that place as you too may see them…

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Job Sector Grave In Mamata’s Bengal

Few words from my observation…

Those who echo #Trinamool supremo and #BengalCM #MamataBaneree that there has been an escalation in the #jobsector should either identify themselves with ground reality or just keep their mouth shut. I have been running from one office to another for job after relocating in #Kolkata but unable to get one. Having over 19-years of experience in #journalism, I am ready to take up anything non-media inspite of having so much obsession for NEWS. Unable to bag one. Not only there are no job but those in HR are confessing that the state government has ruined the job sector totally as there are no industry, offices or organisation coming to Bengal and the claims by ruling party are totally false. When I say looking for jobs I mean all ie. #media and #nonmedia. Let’s not even discuss the media sectir as entire industry has been #politically hijacked. Journalists cannot express their views as ruling party has strong aversion for anti-establishment news and in the past had banned many #newspapers, tv channels for their reportage on the situation. #Journalists confess that they are scared and feeling sufficated.

However, only one sector is flourishing, that is the fraternity of Job Consultants. (genuine and frauds. There are exceptions and try to cooperate. Some also confessed that the situation is grave in Bengal as far as job is concerned). Beggars can’t bed choosers, hence one has to meet them and they would make tall assurances. Few big consultants in the state (mostly situated in the state-of-the-art towers in Sector-V, Salt Lake) would demand an amount in the name of processing fee and assure they will find a job of preference within a few days…Another thing I feel must be mentioned is unlike other cities here you receive a call mostly from the consultancy agents rather than the HR or the recruitment desk in the respective offices…

I still love ‘Kollolini’ ‘Tillotoma’ Kolkata, she is the most beautiful places and I am simply in love with her but these #political parties and #politicians have ruined the state and are still ruining, making false promises and tall claims.

The situation is so grave that after working as an Associate News Editor and managing all news related activities, I am here looking for a job in #PublicRelations, #MediaManager, #Communications and even #FrontOffice…#VoteBankPolitics #UnemploymentBengal