Marshal Arjan Singh passes away at 98, Nation grieves

Source: Marshal Arjan Singh passes away at 98, Nation grieves

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Marshal Arjan Singh passes away at 98, Nation grieves

Former Marshall of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh passes away at Army Research and Referal hospital in New Delhi tonight. He was 98 years old and only 5 star ranked officer of the IAF. He will be remembered by the nation for his unmatched inspiration dedication and devotion in the service of motherland.




Former Marshall of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh passes away at Army Research and Referal hospital in New Delhi tonight. He was 98 years old and only 5 star ranked officer of the IAF. Born on April 15, 1919 in Lyallpur, present day Faislabad in Pakistan,  and was selected at the age of 19 years for a pilot training course at Royal Air Force College, Cranwell.

In 1939, he had to cut short his training due to the World War II. Joined Sqdn 1 in Ambala and took over as Commanding Officer Sqdn 1 in 1934.

Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh was a true legend of Indian Air Force and veteran of many wars including 1965 India Pakistan battle where the IAF devastated Pakistan Air Force fighter jets with severe fire and thunder from the sky. He will be remembered by the nation for his unmatched inspiration dedication and devotion in the service of motherland.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sitharaman visited the hospital to see Arjan Singh, who was the only Indian Air Force officer to be promoted to 5-star rank.

He was Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), from 1 August 1964 to 15 July 1969, and was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 1965. When appointed as Chief of the Air Staff of the Indian Air Force, he was just about 45. At such a young age, he commanded the Air Force in war. He has been the only Chief of the Air Staff to have headed the Air Force for five years as opposed to the regular tenure of two and a half to three years.

On 14 April 2016 at an event to mark the Marshal`s 97th birthday, the then Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha announced that Indian Air Force base at Panagarh in West Bengal will be named after MIAF Arjan Singh in honor of his service, and will be called Air Force Station Arjan Singh from then.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has condoled the demise of Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh.

In a series of tweets from his twitter handle the Prime Minister said that the Marshal of the IAF Arjan Singh’s determined focus on capacity building in the IAF added great strength to our defence capabilities. Calling him a distinguished air warrior and a fine human the Prime Minister extended his thoughts to his family and those mourning his unfortunate demise.

President Kovind has also twitted to express his condolences.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh too has condoled the death of SIngh on Twitter. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has also expressed his condolences on Twitter. Apart from many political leaders have twitter to mourn the death of thsi great son of soil.

According to initial reports, his mortal remains will be taken to his residence where it will be kept. The last rites will be performed on Sunday with full state honour. His son who stays in the United States of America is expected to reach India by Sunday afternoon. However, final decission regarding the last rites will be taken only after his son arrives.

Though, he retired in 1970 from the services, he kept himsef active and even attend to every function that he would be invited even a few months back.


Let’s take a glance at the illustrious career of Late Arjan Singh:

1971:Appointed India’s Ambassador to Switzerland.

1974: Appointed Indian High Commissioner to Kenya.

1980s: At the height of militancy in Punjab he was part of a 5-member committee that would go door to door in the state and try to bridge the differences between Hindus & Sikhs.

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1989: Janata government appoints Arjan Singh as the L-G of Delhi as an attempt to apply balm to the wounds of the Sikh community

2002: Conferred with the rank of the Marshal of the Air Force making him the first and the only ‘Five Star’ rank officer with the Indian Air Force.

April, 2011: Wife Teji Singh passes away at the age of 80.

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Tributes to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on his 37th death anniversary


Tributes to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on his 37th death anniversary. Not just an actor, much more than that, the charisma simply mesmerizing. Even after so years, when he is not around, yet people simply go crazy for him still today. Whenever there is a screening of his old cinema be it at the cinema hall or TV, people would simply sit and watch and bask in the ‘nostalgia’ that Uttam babu has left behind. What surprises more is when on an average, the new generation show immense apathy and would hesitate to tell on the face that they are not ready to watch old cinema least talk about actors, Uttam babu still finds place in millions of heart of young people and it is this generation which organises programmes, debates, exhibitions and talks to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of this man who still captures heart with his smile.

On this day, I felt like sharing something which will help you to know Uttam Kumar better.


We all have heard so much about the helpful nature of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. I had an opportunity to meet a old technician at Tollygunge (one of the studious). When he said he has seen Uttam babu, I could not stop myself from asking questions. He shared few instances but the most touching was the story that brought tears to his eyes. He said during his daughter’s wedding he had taken some money Uttam babu. He also told me that Uttam babu would never say no or show tantrums. When he managed to gather the amount and went to return to him, he said “onek boro hoye gechish na, ota raakh” (you have become very big man, keep it with you) and this man began crying, tears rolled from his eyes. He told me “dada r baan haat jantona daan haat taka diyechey, eram uni oneke diyechen, uni shotti kar r Mohanayak chilen” (dada’s left hand would not know his right hand gave money, he was like this, not just me but he helped so many people. Dada was a true Mahanayak).


I deliberately did not divulge this man’s identity, just wanted to share this incident…

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Bengal CM fumes at Governor over call, herself fails to control situation

Is religion really over humanity? Swami Vivekananda was once asked this question and he immediately said, religion has immense significance but that does not mean that religion will overpower humanity. Swami Vivekananda had said “religion is people, people not for religion”.


Well, I have been watching a particular news channel running a segment on what has happened in Bengal and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s fuming over Governor seeking a reply from her over deteriorating situation across Murshidabad, Bashirhat and Baduria. Since afternoon, this segment is on and is going overboard. I have no issues against the segment since the channel has brought the facts on the table which were being suppressed since long. My question is why people pay heed to politicians and fundamentalists who fan communal sentiments.


Since ages, Hindu and Muslim have been staying like one entity then why, what has gone wrong that communal tensions have become a regular feature. Rabindranath Tagore had raised his voice and used “Rakhi Bandhan” to bridge the gap. In the words of famous poet and writer Nazrul Islam who said “mora ek brinte duti kusum Hindu-Musalman, Muslim tar nayan moni Hindu tahar praan” (we are same flowers from same tree Hindu-Musalman, if Muslim happens to be the eyes then Hindu is the bossom). Another great poet Iqbal said, “maz’hab nahin sikhata apas men bayr rakhna hindi hai hum, watan hai hindostan hamara” (religion doesn’t teach enmity among each another, we are one and our country Hindustan is one, hail Hindustan”.


Why can’t people take a call and stand firm against these politicians, fundamentalists and tell them that these elements have no place in the society, such people are just not welcomed.Let’s now take the call and show these politicians and fundamentalists the door, they deserve that…