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Enough! Stringent Punishment Required To Stop Rape


#Rape#Gangrape#Molestation#Stalking! at rampant. What has happened? Has people taken overdose of #Viagra? Nothing will happen unless the system is over hauled and rapists should be given stringent punishment, people wanted death penalty during #Delhi episode. I would go a step ahead and ask for #Bobbitt‘s Law, if the carnal desire is so strong that these men can’t control their urges then the only option is to chop of the organ when erect.

The punishment should be an example for the others who will not dare to even molest #women, till then nothing will happen and these innocent girls and women will fall prey to these beasts. I know am harsh but there is no other way to resolve this problem.

Finally, the so-called pseudo social activists who come on television and plead mercy and sympathy with minor rapists screaming at the top of their voices to establish that once these criminals undergo ‘#rehabilitation’ they will be good samaritans should be dealt very strongly. These things are really getting on nerves…

#CrimeAgainstWomen #SafetyOfWomen #ProtestAgaistRape#SrtingentRapeLawsNeeded #StringetPunishmentRequired#WomenNotSexObject #WomenNotJustSexThing

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Remembering Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on 38th Death Anniversary

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Tributes to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on his 38th death anniversary. Not just an actor, much more than that, the charisma simply mesmerizing. Even after so years, he is not around, yet people simply go crazy for him. What surprises is when on an average, the new generation not ready to watch or talk about actors of older generation, Uttam babu still finds place in millions of heart of young people who simply love to admire him.



Great Master Satyajit Ray who had made two films with the actor ‘Nayak’ and ‘Chidiyakhana’

on All India Radio (AIR) while remembering Uttam babu in the programme ‘Uttam Shorone’, had said, The romantic pair of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen which reached the peak of popularity was unthinkable and rare, not just in Mumbai film world but very few in Hollywood shared this enigma.

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Satyajit Ray also said that while working with Uttam babu, he has noticed him doing so many ‘details’ which were not in the script but at the same time would enhance the character.


The charisma of Uttam Kumar was such that many people tried to identify him with their personal lives – Uttam babu through his cinema to his millions of admirers had become a brother, son, lover even son-in-law for some, such was his charisma, an enigma that still continues.


Sharing a few ‘nostalgic’ moments from the past: We all have heard so much about the helpful nature of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. I had an opportunity to meet a old technician at Tollygunge (one of the studious). When he said he has seen Uttam babu, I could not stop myself from asking questions. He shared few instances but the most touching was the story that brought tears to his eyes. He said during his daughter’s wedding he had borrowed some money from Uttam babu.


When he managed to gather the amount and went to return to him, he said “onek boro hoye gechish na, ota raakh” (you have become very big man, keep it with you) and this man began crying, tears rolled from his eyes. He told me “dada r baan haat jantona daan haat taka diyechey, eram uni oneke diyechen, uni shotti kar r Mohanayak chilen” (dada’s left hand would not know his right hand gave money, he was like this, not just me but he helped so many people. Dada was a true Mahanayak). I deliberately did not divulge this man’s identity, just wanted to share this incident…

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IX Std Orphan Girl Brutally Raped, Left To Die Near Tollygunge In Kolkata


Bengal Chief Minister finds immense pride in claiming her State is safe and women are secured, atleast that is what she had said recently in an interview to a Bengali private satellite channel. Has she forgotten the numerous cases that had immediately taken place after Park Street gangrape case. Not to forget the poor teenager who met similar fate at Kamduni like Delhi brave heat. In this same interview, she said she has the fastest judiciary and she ensures that verdict is pronounced. I recall how she had sent then Investigating Officer Damayanti Sen on an oblivion posting who had dared to prove Banerjee wrong in Park Street gengrape case by saying that gangrape did take place. Rest is history and perhaps we all know the story.

Well, the recent one has taken place in the heart of the city near Tollygunge. The class 11 girl did not return to her Jadavpur house last evening, today a newspaper vendor found her in pool of blood with torn clothes around 7 AM.


Till now the news has spread like wild fire and once again, again, again and again to infinity has ashamed Kolkata. According to reports an orphan girl aged between 15 to 16 years was found in a pool of blood on the road near BD Memorial School in Tollygunge, South Kolkata. Needless to mention she was brutally raped or gangraped (yet to be confirmed).

Mamata Banerjee’s police and Trinamool activists in the area are allegedly obstructing and not allowing people from media and press to meet victim’s family. Even it is not know if anf FIR has been lodged. The victim was admitted in MR Bangur Hospital in a critical condition and will undergo an operation shortly.


So, Madam Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, I hope this is not an ‘sajano ghotona’ (concocted incident), ‘choto ghotona’ (small or petty incident), “chokranto” (attempt to defame her government) and finally “bohiragoto der kaaj” (work of outsiders), the four typical jargon or catch phrase used by her on an average, seeing this her party members too follow…


CONDEMN! with capital ‘C’, is this the Kolkata we had known…Without any preferences for political shades or colour, I have no hesitation in saying previous Congress and Left Regime was better than Trinamool regime…Finally, Madam Banerjee, will you sit now on a dharna near the venue…


Recipients Of National Film Awards Feel Deprived

31815453_10160438540605475_5717295318647701504_n runs into controversy after @smritiirani gives proxy to @rashtrapatibhvn in conferring the awards to recipients. First time #President could not attend full event and gave awards to only 10 recipients, #ministers gave awards. Recipients unhappy #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema#Delhi #news https://t.co/Alehe3hvoG

Massive resentment amng recipients of #65thNationalFilmAwards as first time in history, awards conferred by @smritiirani, @Ra_THORe instead of @rashtrapatibhvn who conferred on a few recipients. Many refused, shall wait till #President finds time #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema #newshttps://t.co/hqdPKIivpK