15-year orphan girl brutally raped, left to die near Tollygunge in Kolkata

via 15-year orphan girl brutally raped, left to die near Tollygunge in Kolkata


Recipients Of National Film Awards Feel Deprived

31815453_10160438540605475_5717295318647701504_n runs into controversy after @smritiirani gives proxy to @rashtrapatibhvn in conferring the awards to recipients. First time #President could not attend full event and gave awards to only 10 recipients, #ministers gave awards. Recipients unhappy #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema#Delhi #news https://t.co/Alehe3hvoG

Massive resentment amng recipients of #65thNationalFilmAwards as first time in history, awards conferred by @smritiirani, @Ra_THORe instead of @rashtrapatibhvn who conferred on a few recipients. Many refused, shall wait till #President finds time #NationalFilmAwards #Cinema #newshttps://t.co/hqdPKIivpK



Pepsi misinterpreted for admiring Saree; Pseudo-feminists protest


Sabyasachi Mukherjee, renowned fashion designer has landed into a controversy over his remark on those who show reluctance to wear a Saree. The issue has attracted media glare and people have criticized Mukherjee. Not even trying once to realize the sentiments of a designer ‘between the lines’ who just wanted to express his love and admiration for the Saree. However, it’s now time for those creating the ‘unnecessary’ noise to reply if it’s wrong to talk of tradition and heritage… Who should be ashamed…Think and reply…

Social media, media (print and television) is going overboard, this time the target is renowned fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee ‘s (Pepsi)over his remarks on Saree rather on those who can’t wear or show reluctance in wearing a Saree. Naturally, it has hit the ego of some, who find immense pride in mocking age old traditions, heritage and clothing.


The designer was addressing Indian students fraternity at the Harvard India Conference when he had commented. Feminists have taken up the issue to twist the version of the designer and blame him of being ‘orthodox’. Some on media said it’s a shame that he is trying to degrade women. Few took to social media platforms to condemn him.  Let’s take a look at what Sabyasachi has actually said and under what circumstances…


“I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need stand up for it,”.

These are lines are enough to explain that the designer in no place has either targeted or made any pass at those who do not wear Saree. Certainly, he has used the word ‘shame’ but that is an ‘expression’ and it shows his immense love for the textile, it won’t be wrong to say he is deeply inspired Indian tradition and heritage which reflects in his works, an obsession that helps the creativity to unfold. I have no hesitation in saying that any fashion designer who love ethnic wear will share the same opinion like Mukherjee. Any designer (fashion or textile) is simply obsessed with Saree and this is why a Saree is often referred as ‘6 yard magic’ in the fashion fraternity. Magic indeed, a cloth which is no less than a palette of colours, motifs, designs and needless to mention providing ample opportunity to show the hues of creativity.

I was watching the television debates on the topic and found a renowned designer working in Kolkata, West Bengal saying in modern day girls and women do not wear Saree at home and Saree has become a celebration dress. Totally wrong, she or the class she interacts may not be wearing a Saree at home but still average households in India wear a Saree, there may be some exception across Punjab where Salwar-Kameez is worn.


Another misconception that I have often come across while talking to the pseudo traditional freaks (the most dangerous species) that a Saree is not a ‘decent dress’, since a major part of body remains exposed. Totally bull-shit! Since, a Saree is a wrap around dress and can be worn as per requirements. If someone wants to expose the midriff or navel then she may else a Saree can be worn in such a fashion where everything can be covered, but then why wear a Saree better go for a burqa.  Saree depicts feminity, the beauty of women.


Finally, being myself a fashion designer, I have no hesitation is saying that I totally support Sabyasachi since a Saree is more than a canvas for any creative person. Ask any textile designer, and he or she will take you on a voyage on how a Saree can be designed. Ask a fashion designer and he or she will tell you how a Saree can be draped to bring out the feel and look with experimentations with pleats or folds. When I used to work in fashions, my favorite textile was anything in the line with – ‘Tussar’ (my favourite) – Tussar Silk, Matka Silk, Tussar, Khadi Tussar, crushed Tussar and so on…The simple reason Tussar allows you to interpret the creative ideas easily – painting, appliqués, sketching or even embroidery. I am a great admirer of Handloom Saree too especially the traditional ‘Taant’ or ‘Tangail’ Sarees of Bengal, simply exquisite…


I fail to understand why this controversy, the thumb rule in fashion says – adaptability and comfort are above anything. If someone finds a Saree uncomfortable then she will not wear…




Sharing some photographs of Baba

I lost my Baba on January 21, 2018, missing him every second, moment…Sharing some photographs down memory lane…


Sharing some old black and white photographs of Baba. He was very handsome in his hay days. Some would compare him with international cricketers especially English and Australian, some with actors. My friends would even compare him with international political figures. People would often ask if he was Kashmiri, even Kashmiri themselves, I recall this so many times during my childhood when I would accompany Baba to market…I have never seen him bringing office tensions home, he would always come back smiling, always full of love and care. He was a very simple man, down to earth and would love to remain simple. Very methodical and disciplined…Miss you Baba…


IMG_20180125_0001 - CopyIMG_20180125_0001


Sharing two more black and white photograph of Baba with #Russians (office), he was fluent in Russian and German languages. So many moments coming down memory lane, trying to share a few, will miss you Baba…


Sharing some more old #photographs of Baba. I have always seen him trying to dress up with the occasion, nothing big but keeping the decorum and respect of the occasion #thought 1/2 https://t.co/SFhngPrUr7


Sharing few more old #photographs of Baba, I am often asked why I love formals. I may not have inherited any of his qualities, but have inherited dressing from Baba, he always stressed on proper dressing, may be simple but decent. He too was fond of ties #thoughtshttps://t.co/n8GQNpVnYZ



Some pics of Baba’s kaaj (rituals) at Purbasha Kalibari, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi. My cousin (am very close to them) brothers had come all the way from Kolkata…Apart from that two of my friends, father of my friend and an acquaintance had come to Kalibari…








The first festival without Baba is very difficult…Yesterday was Doljatra and today is Holi, the festival of colours. Away from the celebrations of #Holi2018, I was trying to recall the ‘nostalgic’ #memories. Thought of sharing these #pics though old (date line enough to explain) still ‘nostalgic’ #moments. We resided at IP Extension then. Missing you Baba, love you…


While going through old CDs I found few more #photographs of Baba. He was always my subject for clicking #pics, I would try to capture him and Maa in various moods. Sharing. Love you Baba, missing you…