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Bhangar reminds of Singur, Nandigram fiasco

Watching news since evening, I can see the shadows of Singur and Nandigram or better if we say ‘ghosts’ of Singur and Nadigram are out of the closet. The only difference is that time CPIM was accused of carrying out atrocities. How can we forget then chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharyaa has said “we will pay back in same coins’ which later turned into ‘political’ boomerang and Trinamool came to power. This time Trinamool Congress is in the backfoot. Village is tensed, villagers scared as night is getting darker. They feel any moment Police will enter their village and ransack their homes, same thing took place during Nandigram and Singur when Budhhadeb babu’s police ran havoc inside the village not sparing children, elderly least talk talk of women who were raped and killed. Villagers in Bhangar have geared up to fight out and have placed logs, trees and barricades at the entry points to stop police. Villagers have accused police of opening fire on them and killing over two innocent people, the recent was Alamgir who succumbed to bullets late in the evening. State government is in the backfoot as villagers have accused one time Mamata Banerjee confidant Arabul Sheikh of fanning the land acquisition drive in the area. Trinamool MLA from this region Rezzak Mollah known for being vocal and don’t even hesitate to embarrass own party high command has accused Arabul and his own party for letting people like Arabul to grow.

The situation is tense and people in the area are scared to hear that high level police meeting is going and forces from adjoining Kashipore, Barasat are on their way to crush the protest. Trinamool Congress has accused Jadavpur students alongwith Maoists fanning the movement and has asked police to identify Maoists hiding in the area which clearly means it has given green signal to police to enter the village or should we say crush the agitating voices, as then CPIM had done in Nandigram and Singur.

It’s just the beginning, as coming will days will see political drama when opposition will leave no stone upturned to question Mamata Banerjee over the development in Bhangar just like she had done during Nandigram and Singur. The big question is when Banerjee had said on Sunday that land will not be taken forcefully for building substation then why did this happen and on whose order police had entered the village and opened fire…Question like this and many more will be asked in the coming days, Mamata Banerjee may find it ‘choto ghotona’ (small incident), ‘sajano ghotona’ (concocted incident) and ‘bohiragoto der kaaj’ (work of outsiders) but she will have to reply especially when President Pranab Mukherjee will be on a visit to Jharkhand and West Bengal and entire media will be focusing on Bhangar…

Finally, being a journalist myself, I condemn police and alleged Trinamool goons attacking reporters, camera-persons covering the story in Bhangar. Scribes were brutally beaten up with rods and sticks. Trinamool Congress has been in the past too has attacked Press and Media for anti-establishment reportage. Condemn!

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Trinamool uses Madan Mitra’s masks to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati

Supporters of Madan Mitra held campaigning by wearing masks of Mitra to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati. The entire incident had reduced the dignity of elections into a joke. Masks used as ‘proxy’ face for the tainted and accused candidate. Poriborton’ indeed…   


Elections are a farce in this country, many would pull up their socks to counter by quoting theoretical examples from constitution but there are endless examples that show it has been reduced to nothing but a play of influence and power, quite alarming this blend has not only put ‘democracy’ at stake but also has raised a big question mark on the ‘basic’ need of holding elections. From Bihar to Uttar Pradesh and now in Bengal, we face similar situation where ‘accused’ and ‘tainted’ leader is contesting elections. No prize for guessing, I am talking of Saradha chitgate accused and Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra. The days has changed for this heavyweight candidate, initially Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal state chief minister Mamata Banerjee had refused to remove Mitra from his ministership and said he would remain minister even if Mitra had to stay in jail since she did not believe he has taken money from Saradha. Few months later, Mamata Banerjee had to change her version and Mitra was removed from ministership. Opposition opined that election strategy being formulated. However, Madan Mitra and likes hold an important place in ant political party and they cannot be neglected by parties. These people have an immense contribution in ensuring  that their parties win the elections. Trinamool Congress is no different, this became a reality when people saw party giving  a ticket to Madan Mitra from Kamarhati in West Bengal. Mitra who is currently lodged in Alipore Central Jail will contest elections from jail, in other words use his influence to win the elections through remote control. Thanks to the constitution, this empowers such people to contest elections.


On Sunday, Kamarhati saw a height of mockery during campaigning. In support of their favourite dada, the party workers had organized rallies and walks to seek ‘proxy’ vote for Saradha chitgate accused Madan Mitra. The party workers had donned masks of Madan Mitra which was childish, foolish and reduced the dignity of elections to a joke. These buffoons forget that people are no more fools and they watch a lot more behind the curtains which politicians can never imagine. This act not only mocks the election process but also the dignity of the Trinamool Congress for allowing such type of campaign.
However, one big question is will part supremo Mamata Banerjee campaign for Madan Mira in Kamarhati, after all Banerjee doesn’t believe that Mitra is tainted.
On a broader platter, the party must get more such masks since they may need ahead of the Lok Sabha polls if Narada TV expose is proved…