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Tributes to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on his 37th death anniversary


Tributes to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on his 37th death anniversary. Not just an actor, much more than that, the charisma simply mesmerizing. Even after so years, when he is not around, yet people simply go crazy for him still today. Whenever there is a screening of his old cinema be it at the cinema hall or TV, people would simply sit and watch and bask in the ‘nostalgia’ that Uttam babu has left behind. What surprises more is when on an average, the new generation show immense apathy and would hesitate to tell on the face that they are not ready to watch old cinema least talk about actors, Uttam babu still finds place in millions of heart of young people and it is this generation which organises programmes, debates, exhibitions and talks to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of this man who still captures heart with his smile.

On this day, I felt like sharing something which will help you to know Uttam Kumar better.


We all have heard so much about the helpful nature of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. I had an opportunity to meet a old technician at Tollygunge (one of the studious). When he said he has seen Uttam babu, I could not stop myself from asking questions. He shared few instances but the most touching was the story that brought tears to his eyes. He said during his daughter’s wedding he had taken some money Uttam babu. He also told me that Uttam babu would never say no or show tantrums. When he managed to gather the amount and went to return to him, he said “onek boro hoye gechish na, ota raakh” (you have become very big man, keep it with you) and this man began crying, tears rolled from his eyes. He told me “dada r baan haat jantona daan haat taka diyechey, eram uni oneke diyechen, uni shotti kar r Mohanayak chilen” (dada’s left hand would not know his right hand gave money, he was like this, not just me but he helped so many people. Dada was a true Mahanayak).


I deliberately did not divulge this man’s identity, just wanted to share this incident…

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Pity! Lord Rama, Lord Bajrangbali pitted against each other to gain political mileage


Never in the history of Kolkata and Bengal, people had witnessed such “pomp and show” to celebrate Ramnavmi. There had been people celebrating the festival but not on such a big platform. Saffron brigade has been eyeing Bengal, for quite some time now, and tried every possible poll tactics to woo voters during the last Assembly polls. Trinamool Congress had given BJP a tough fight. Once again the BJP is gearing up for the forthcoming Panchayat polls slated to take place later this month. The Saffron Brigade seems to have gained extra ‘confidence’ and ‘calories’ after they won in Uttar Pradesh. The enthusiastic BJP on Wednesday today, tried to en-cash the festival of Ramnavmi. The Saffron Brigade had invited large number of Trinamool MPs and MLAs.


Trying to spread and woo masses, the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sagh (RSS) alongwith its ally BJP had taken out large processions across the state which were attended by women and children with naked swords and other weapons. On Tuesday, Bengal Pradesh BJP President Dilip Ghosh had said, its an exhibition ‘shakti’ and there is nothing wrong in exhibiting swords and weapons. Well, Saffron Brigade is mistaking Bengal with other states where they have taken help of Hindutva. Someone must tell them that Bengal is the last state to heed to ‘communal card’.

west-bengal-bjp-08-1457423761 (1)

This may turn a boomerang for the Saffron Brigade which had may had some chances, if at all it had. Trinamool Congress too is not much behind, it has announced that they will offer special prayers at all the Bajrangbali Temples across the state.


Pity! Lord Rama and Lord Bajrangbali are pitted against each other for political gains, in real, Lord Bajrangbali had been such a big devotee of Lord Rama and I am sure would never had approved the filthy way of en-cashing religion…

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Fresh molestation in Kolkata’s Park Street questions law & order in the state

Last week, shadows of Park Street gangrape that had brought memories of Park Street gangrape victim Suzette Jordon, back. This time a 30-year-old woman alleged that she had been molested and assaulted at a nightclub at Kolkata’s iconic Part Street. Unlike Suzette, who showed exemplary courage and guts by revealing her identity, this girl prefer to keep her identity a secret. Jordan, had said after appearing on television, that its not for her to be ashamed but the accused should be ashamed. She had become Suzette Jordon, activist and could be seen in ungenerous television debates, candle light march.
The recent victim while talking to media said a group of drunk men assaulted her in front of her husband while she was at a bar on Park street this Saturday night. She alleged that the men were so much drunk that they did not listen to her pleading for mercy. “They touched me inappropriately outraging my dignity, they also thrashed my husband who tried to protect me from their clutches”, said the victim. The lady, a young mother of a two-month-old child has alleged that a group of men had grabbed her breasts badly, “I was in immense pain as they had grabbed my breasts due to which I could not feed my baby”, added the victim.
The Police which after going through the CCTV footage, claimed to have found certain missing links and have asked for more footage.
The molestation incedent reminds the horrific gangrape incedent of Suzette Jordan a few years ago that had made headlines over chief minister Mamata Banerjee trying to shun-off the allegations by calling “sajano ghotona’ (concocted incedent) and ‘choto ghotona (small incedent), there was a lull on night crimes on Park Street in Kolkata or may be things were not reported and even if reported, the Police may have taken things casually since the transfer of then IO Damayanti Sen for proving Banerjee wrong and standing beside Jordan had been a negative impact on the force trying to bring out facts. In February 2012, she was allegedly raped in a moving car on Park Street in an upscale area of the city. 
The big question is, after February 2012 gangrape, the state government had made ‘tall’ claims of not only increasing the night patrolling across the area but also asked the police to act immediately. Why then the reputation of ‘February 2012′ gangrape took place on the same streets, Park Street that once used to be among the safest places in the city. Its high time Bengal state government should stop seeing “chokranto” (connivance) in everything that goes wrong in the state and come up with some concrete steps to protect the dignity of woman which is at stake.  

Kalika ‘Dohar’ Prasad’s untimely death has silenced Bengali Folk music

Noted Bengali ‘Folk Musician’ Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee died in a car accident in Hooghly district’s Gurap town on Tuesday morning. Known for his immense research in the field of folk and tribal music, Kalika was often called as encyclopedia of music. His death has snathched away a significant voice which continued a relentless work in music. The void created by Kalika will never be filled. Kalika will live in the heats of music lovers. By Pallab Ghosh
Barely a week after iconic singer Banasree Sengupta had left for her heavenly abode, another iconic Bengali singer Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee left this world at a prime age of 47 on Tuesday early morning. Kalika Prasad is a well known name among Bengali households for his immense contribution in the field of Bengali Folk Music. Kalika began his musical journey with Bengal Folk Music Band “Dohar” in early 90’s. Before that most of the bands would feature rock, acid rock and fusion music in Bengal. The only exception was Bengali band ‘Bhoomi’, which was a mix-bag of folk and modern Bengali music band. ‘Dohar’ was the first to infuse age old ‘nostalgic’ folk numbers (Procholito in Bengali) taking people by storm and soon large section of Bengali speaking people began to follow ‘Dohar’. The most popular number that had made waves was “Kun Gange…Kun gange ailo pani ..” All the songs sung by Kalika became huge success. Later Dohar had split and become ‘Mokam’. 
Kalika had immense research and had done extensive study in his subject. Infact,he was called an encyclopedia on folk and tribal music by his fellow musician friends. Well, not a bit of execration, since Kalika would explain and narrate the details of the songs from reason why it is sung to the region where it belongs to and even at time would add the attire or habitat of that particular region. Most recently Kalika was seen in the Bengali SaReGaMAPa on Zee Bangla channel. 
On Tuesday early morning, Kalika and three others were on their way to  hit by a truck. Following the collision, his car fell into a ditch on Durgapur expressway at Gurap, Hooghly. He was in the front seat beside the driver. According to preliminary reports, the Inova car in which they were travelling had hit a metal strip after which its presumed that the Inova car in which they were travelling had smashed into a series of fencing and had hit a culvert before failing into a 20 feet ditch from where the locals had recovered him and other. Others have survived though are still in critical condition but God was not so kind for Kalika who was taken to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, where he was declared dead. The news of his death had spread like wild fire taking entire music fraternity and his fans crying and mourning his untimely death.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who shared a cordial relationship on personal level had tweeted that she has lost a friend. She also paid her tributes to the singer while his mortal remains were brought to Kolkata. Banerjee had come out of Nabanna (Secretariat) and waited for the hearse to arrive on the Kona Expressway.   His mortal remains were taken to his house and then to Rabindra Sadan where it was kept for people to pay their last respects. Around 6 PM his mortal remains were take to Keoratala Burning Ghat in Kolkata where his mortal remains were consigned to flames. On entering the crematorium, he was given 21 gun salutes. Twitter and Facebook was filled with messages and condolences. 
With that an era came to end, era of folk music. He will be missed by those who love and admire folk music.  Kalika Prasad will be missed more in the days and years to come since Folk and Tribal music has remained largely untouched. There are not many people who take the initiative to work in the the field of tribal and folk music. The new generation will always be benefited from the immense research work done by him. Kalika is survived by his wife and five-year old daughter. 
Kalika Prasad was full of life and infused energy in others with his music, he will be always remembered through his music…
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Mamata sets up “Bengal Health Regulatory Commission” to curb against unethical medical anarchy

On Friday,  West Bengal Clinical Establishments (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Bill, 2017″ in the Assembly to bring all the private hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centres under the ambit of state government. Mamata Banerjee had convened a meeting at Town Hall last week after patient party had vandalised Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) over harassment by hospital staffs. Banerjee had made it clear that such practices will not be tolerated. People have welcomed the new bill and feel this will help to voice their grievances. By Pallab Ghosh 


On Friday today, Mamata Banerjee had tabled the much awaited bill,”West Bengal Clinical Establishments (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Bill, 2017″ in the Assembly. It was during the meeting at Town Hall, the Bengal Chief Minister had informed, “the Regulatory Commission will have representatives of private hospitals, health department, consumer affairs department, doctors and police representatives”. At the same time the Chief Minister condemned the vandalism by patient`s party. “We condemn acts of vandalism in hospitals, but you must understand why people took to violence”, added Banerjee.


Last week after members of patient party had vandalised Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) over excess billing and harassment by hospital officials, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had convened a meeting at Town Hall which was attended by representatives from various private hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centres.


“apnara eto bill ki bhabe koren, eto bill to five-star hotel e thakleo hoina. chikitsha r naam e ei douratto bondho korun” (how do you make such an exorbitant bill, even five star hotels don`t make such bill. Please stop this anarchy in the name of treatment). It was during this meeting Mamata Banerjee had made it clear that such deliberative attempt to harass patients to an extent where the family members come to roads will not be tolerated in the state. Banerjee, had clearly indicated that soon a regulatory body will be introduced in the Assembly. “The West Bengal Health Regulatory Commission will have representatives of private hospitals, health department, consumer affairs department, doctors and police representatives,” said the chief minister.

The Bill has been termed as totally patient friendly and gives enough room to patients to voice their grievances. A large section of doctors have come forward and welcomed the bill. However, a small group of doctors have raised their suspicion on the transparency of the bill and said both the interest of patients and doctors should be looked at largely.


Let`s take a glance at the salient features of the new bill:
Private healthcare institutes cannot refuse admission and treatment in emergency cases Top priorities to patients suffering from acid attack, rape and accident victims.
Hospitals have been barred from prescribing “unnecessary” medical tests
The commission may also put the offender behind bars up to three years.
Permission of patient party before putting patient under ventilator.
Hospitals will have to declare bed charges, ICU charges.
Package costs that can`t be altered.
Hospitals will have to explain the need for further treatment.
Penal measures range between compensation and scrapping the licence.
Death of a patient due to medical negligence will attract a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh, and a fine of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh depending on the damages

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Tributes to Netaji Bose on his 120th birth anniversary



Tributes to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his 120th birth anniversary, a day very special for every India and certainly for Bengali community ‘coz’ it’s the birthday of Netaji Bose who was ‘manasputra’ (very difficult to translate in English, it’s a Sanskrit term. “mind-born son” is translated term) of Swami Vivekananda and led the way towards freedom movement. Freedom would not have come by following Gandhi’s philosophy of “if some slaps you one cheek then let him slap you on left cheek too”. Freedom has come because of hardliners. Netaji Bose gave the slogan of “tum mujhe khun do, main tumhe aazaadi dunga” and “Chalo Dilli” which worked like miracles and large number of boys and girls jumped into INA mesmerized by these words, rest is history.


Netaji Bose did not die in the plane crash at Taihoku but I am not going into the controversy related to his disappearance which is another big issue.



I am one among those who simply don’t believe the Taihoku story, never believed (my friends are witness who have seen me fighting with anybody who would try to establish the stupid story) I am among those Netaji Bose admirers who believe people like Netaji Bose are immortal, they will live forever…”SabSe Uncha Hai Duniya Me Jhanda Hamara NetaJi Zindabad…Aabad karenge, Aazaad karenge, Aabad karenge…” Pronaam!

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Trinamool uses Madan Mitra’s masks to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati

Supporters of Madan Mitra held campaigning by wearing masks of Mitra to seek ‘proxy’ votes in Kamarhati. The entire incident had reduced the dignity of elections into a joke. Masks used as ‘proxy’ face for the tainted and accused candidate. Poriborton’ indeed…   


Elections are a farce in this country, many would pull up their socks to counter by quoting theoretical examples from constitution but there are endless examples that show it has been reduced to nothing but a play of influence and power, quite alarming this blend has not only put ‘democracy’ at stake but also has raised a big question mark on the ‘basic’ need of holding elections. From Bihar to Uttar Pradesh and now in Bengal, we face similar situation where ‘accused’ and ‘tainted’ leader is contesting elections. No prize for guessing, I am talking of Saradha chitgate accused and Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra. The days has changed for this heavyweight candidate, initially Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal state chief minister Mamata Banerjee had refused to remove Mitra from his ministership and said he would remain minister even if Mitra had to stay in jail since she did not believe he has taken money from Saradha. Few months later, Mamata Banerjee had to change her version and Mitra was removed from ministership. Opposition opined that election strategy being formulated. However, Madan Mitra and likes hold an important place in ant political party and they cannot be neglected by parties. These people have an immense contribution in ensuring  that their parties win the elections. Trinamool Congress is no different, this became a reality when people saw party giving  a ticket to Madan Mitra from Kamarhati in West Bengal. Mitra who is currently lodged in Alipore Central Jail will contest elections from jail, in other words use his influence to win the elections through remote control. Thanks to the constitution, this empowers such people to contest elections.


On Sunday, Kamarhati saw a height of mockery during campaigning. In support of their favourite dada, the party workers had organized rallies and walks to seek ‘proxy’ vote for Saradha chitgate accused Madan Mitra. The party workers had donned masks of Madan Mitra which was childish, foolish and reduced the dignity of elections to a joke. These buffoons forget that people are no more fools and they watch a lot more behind the curtains which politicians can never imagine. This act not only mocks the election process but also the dignity of the Trinamool Congress for allowing such type of campaign.
However, one big question is will part supremo Mamata Banerjee campaign for Madan Mira in Kamarhati, after all Banerjee doesn’t believe that Mitra is tainted.
On a broader platter, the party must get more such masks since they may need ahead of the Lok Sabha polls if Narada TV expose is proved…